You’ll get One RAR and Two Txt files

DRM FREE License :

  • 1 YEAR
  • NO DRM
    [Shortcuts, LazerCut, WheelCtrl, Modifiers, + 350 Tools & Macros]
  • 1 TO 20 USERS
  • Will work with Max 2020 To 2022 on same machine.
  • For the whole world.
  • Internet connexion isn’t required anymore [NO DRM AT ALL]
  • Will work Offline too once installed

KeyHydra is a plugin for 3DSMax that enhances user’s experience.

KeyHydra is currently composed of 3 public modules

• KeyHydra Shortcuts :
[Redefines interaction between user, keyboard and 3DSMax –> By improving input methods –> Keyboard shortcuts]

• KeyHydra WheelCtrl :
[Redefines the way the user interacts with, his mouse and 3DSMax  By increasing the interactivity in the workspace using the mouse wheel.]

• KeyHydra LazerCut :
[Reinvents the user’s way of modeling objects by Boolean operation [Addition, Trimming, and Subtraction of Material.] –> By increasing interactivity in the workspace and simplifying the process by providing an interface radically simpler by increasing the possibilities offered to the user.

-KeyHydra Tutorials & Explanations :